What is multi-media content? How do I get it?

Multi-media content creates a more intimate relationship with your client.

Whether its a video,  audio file or podcast with pictures, research shows that vast numbers of people enjoy the flexibility and immediacy of being able to consume information, at their own leisure, in this way.  The numbers of people who want multi-media information are growing rapidly.

Multi-media is a cutting-edge communication tool with huge potential for your organisation or business.

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LimeGreen work with your in-house team to produce a bespoke product.  We will work to a specific brief, or help you come up with the ideas and suggest content.   You will get storyboards, scripts and schedules. Many clients like to be involved in the edit suite too.

We can provide presentation, reporting, digital audio recording, film production,      on-camera interviews, sound and video editing as well as photography.

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