03-10-2012: Royal College of GP's Conference In the virtual dimension there was much anticipation of RCGP conference Friday’s ‘concurrent stream D’. The ‘You and Social Media’ debate in Glasgow, with Dr Clare Gerada @clarercgp, RCGP Chair, newly dubbed the #hashtagwag; Glasgow GP Dr Margaret McCartney @mgtmccartney and RCGP’s e-learning Medical Director @DrBenRiley was heavily trailed on Twitter and Facebook. Doctors from across the UK, Europe and as far as Australia tweeted that they were … [Read more...]

02-10-2012: Social Media Training for Health Professionals

There is a growing need for guidance around how the health profession uses social media sites. Interacting with patients and the media in an 'out-of-work' informal arena requires sound judgement and professionalism. The BMA, GMC and RCGP have all been working flat-out to produce guidelines following a spate of problems. We are working with all of the main bodies to provide expertise and training for health professionals and their organisations. Watch this space for full details or contact … [Read more...]

05-03-2012: Digital Storytelling – a masterclass

Digital story-telling is becoming a more and more creative skill and in the coming weeks the industry's leaders' top tips will be pulled together in one place by Adam Westbrook, a digital excellence front-runner. More details here: If you want to tell great digital stories and help charity @Kiva fund 3rd world entrepreneurs, it's one to watch! … [Read more...]

18-01-2012: Bradley Bailey animation

Click here to see Bradley's animation and to contact him about his work He comes with our recommendation! … [Read more...]

25-01-2011: NOROVIRUS films for the NHS.

This project was a unique joint venture between primary and secondary healthcare, who jointly commissioned LimeGreen to make three films targeted at population groups who have been identified as more likely to visit the GP or hospital with Norovirus, thus infecting greater numbers of people. At two minutes each, the films deliver a punchy health message. Working with a relatively small budget, we were able to avoid graphics costs for our client by using ink handprints to generate the idea … [Read more...]

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