About LimeGreen


Who are LimeGreen?

LimeGreen is a team made up of different specialists in all forms of creative media. We come together to make exclusive bespoke productions to suit you and your organisation’s needs.

Through our combined professional experience, we give clients access to a network of highly trained broadcast and media professionals whose skills add value to the service we provide.

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LimeGreen’s story

LimeGreen was founded by broadcaster and journalist Sharon Alcock in 2006. The company was one of the first podcasting independents, establishing our credentials for embracing ever-changing techniques. We continue to be early adopters of new ideas, so that we can give our clients the advantage.

We are a straight-dealing company, enthusiastic about enabling others to communicate through the best platform for their requirements and budget.

LimeGreen offers a range of digital media know-how including:

  • Expertise and equipment to provide custom made films and podcasts and to enhance your company’s profile
  • Social media training, including guidance on how to use it to its full potential in your profession
  • Media training; hands on skills for interacting with local and national media; team strategies or executive one-to-one
  • Consultancy, including strategic development and change management
  • Production training; writing, interviewing, recording and editing film and audio material

LimeGreen does not shy away from the sometimes difficult issues your organisation needs to tackle. We will help you present an honest representation of the facts in an approachable and credible format.

LimeGreen Media T 01225 426 196 E info@limegreenmedia.net