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Merry LimeGreen Christmas!

Christmas is just a perfect time for the LimeGreen team. Not only are we surrounded by our favourite colour at this time of year, but we also get to take a short break from filming in the cold, editing in the dark and scheduling interviews at a time when no-one really wants to think of anything else. Thanks team for working so hard in 2012 and a Merry Christmas to all of our fab clients this year. We look forward to showing you all our new website early in 2013! … [Read more...]


03-10-2012: Royal College of GP's Conference In the virtual dimension there was much anticipation of RCGP conference Friday’s ‘concurrent stream D’. The ‘You and Social Media’ debate in Glasgow, with Dr Clare Gerada @clarercgp, RCGP Chair, newly dubbed the #hashtagwag; Glasgow GP Dr Margaret McCartney @mgtmccartney and RCGP’s e-learning Medical Director @DrBenRiley was heavily trailed on Twitter and Facebook. Doctors from across the UK, Europe and as far as Australia tweeted that they were … [Read more...]

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